No Celebrity Gossip for Me

by Mindy
(New York)

My top and favorite celebrities are all in the acting business. I try to see their latest movies whenever I can. Here are my picks:

Robert De Niro: He is one of the greatest actors of his time. I just love his performances. He is so captivating and natural looking when he is acting. Who can forget his fabulous roles in Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The Godfather, Part II? He becomes Mafia Don.

Clint Eastwood: An amazing actor. I love his western films - he's so handsome in his cowboy clothes. He has played so many neat roles. His roles in Rawhide and No Man's Land just won my heart.

Kevin Costner: When I was young I watched the film, Robin Hood and after that I became a great fan of this handsome actor. Among his films that I love the most are "Revenge" and "A Perfect Word".

Meryl Steep: In my opinion she is the top actress in Hollywood. I really liked her role in Sophie's Choice, but I also love whatever parts she plays.

Al Pacino: What can I say? He is an exceptional actor too. He first got my admiration as Michael Corleone and he never lost it.

I have heard many people discussing how some stars should change their nose shape, or cut their hair, or divorce their spouse, etc. I disagree. Why add to the gossip chain? Accept our celebrities as they are - good and bad points.

Celebrity gossip is like an industry and there are lots of gossip workers. It seems to me that people love to hear about dysfunctional famous people. It must make them feel better that no one is perfect. But celebrity gossip is getting out of control. Celebrities are real people. They have the right to some personal life space. I know my favorite celebrities deserve that respect.

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