Miley Cyrus Racy Photos?

15-year-old Miley Cyrus took "racy" (as most people call them) photos and they leaked out on the internet. I personally think that people made too big of a deal about it.

I'm sure there is teenagers out there that have taken worst but there not spread all over the news because there not celebrities with a successful career like Miley has.

So I think we should just give her a break, they weren't suppose to be public anyway. We all make mistakes, and we can all be forgiven.

This one here, was a Photo shoot for vanity fair which is like an artsy nude magazine. And Miley was chosen my the photographer for the front cover and was told to do that pose. Her parents did know about it considering they were there. Miley didn't expect for her fans to think of it in a bad way.

she's only lying with her boyfriend..I know her shirts kind of pulled up but its still not that bad.

now you can't say this is bad.

ok I know this may be a bit brief, but we all fool around with are friends right? she's still covered.